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Praise for Sage

I’ve been a client of Andrea Carlson’s since 2008. The team at Sage now manages four properties in The Phoenix area for me, and I have nothing but good things to say. They are approachable, professional, and very knowledgeable about the Phoenix rental market. They have kept my properties rented to good tenants, and the maintenance people they use keep them in good condition with reasonable pricing. I know my properties are in good hands, and have no hesitation recommending them to others.
– Murray F 1/3/2016

I have had the pleasure to work with Jon, Andrea and the Sage team for over a year now. Renting can be stressful or non-stressful depending on the team and agency you use. In my experience with Sage, the process has never been easier. Thank you Team Sage for everything you have done for me and my family!!!
– Ryan T, 1/18/2017

We have had Andrea as our property manager since 2007, first in prior company of T&L before she has taken over the ownership and changed the name to Sage. She has managed two houses for us in Scottsdale AZ. We also have other properties in other states. So we know how to screen property managers and know if they are good or not. We have found Andrea and her team very experienced in taking care of the rental properties. They know how to keep good tenants without compromising the rents (one tenant is in his 7th year in one of our houses now) and know how to save owner’s repair costs by suggesting a proper pool guy (our old pool guy was expensive and we did not know about it) and using a honest handyman. They have even suggested us to save up $250 per one to two months in preparing a future AC repairing job. We have found them very detail oriented, caring (for the renters) and thoughtful (for the owners). We are very happy with them and know our houses are in good hands.
– Philip L 12/12/2015

I rented from Sage for (almost) a year until this week. When I engaged them, I was in the midst of preparing to move from Orlando to Scottsdale which, as you can imagine, was pretty hard to manage logistically. Jon and Andrea couldn’t have been more helpful or nice. They were able to work with the owner of the available unit so that the timing would work for me and anytime I had a maintenance issue (only 2 small things over the course of the year), they were all over it. I had, by far, my best experience ever in dealing with a property management company!
– Matt G 10/25/2016

Sage has been our property management company for years on multiple properties in the Phoenix area. Dedicated and professional, they have ensured that our properties are well taken care of and our renters are top notch. They have always been willing to share their knowledge of the rental market, giving us advice on where to purchase and reasonable rental expectations. As distance owners, it is comforting knowing that our properties are well taken care of and rented in a timely manner.
– Crystal F 12/23/2015

I have been working with Andrea Carlson first with the prior company T&L and now with Sage and I am very happy with the service I receive. Andrea and her crew make property management as seamless as it should be on the homeowners end. When Andrea took over the property management of our condo from the previous company I was working with the change was dramatic. Immediately I was aware of everything and Andrea ensured our condo showed the best it could! I am very pleased to be working with Sage and I would highly recommend Sage to anyone.
– Francesca F 12/13/2015

Have had Andrea as my property manager for 5 years, in the prior company of T&L, and now as she assumed control in Sage. Very Satisfied with all the work. Found us a great tenant early on, and have had five trouble-free years ever since. There have been the usual things that go wrong in a house (fridge breaks, etc) and everything gets addressed swiftly, and with no effort from me. The remainder of the rent money after expenses is deposited automatically on the 20th of every month, and it couldn’t be easier for me. Especially happy that when we meet with the tenant, she is thrilled with the support she gets from Sage. Strongly recommend Sage!
– Pete S 12/11/2015

I’ve owned investment properties all across North America. We have used many different property managers and SAGE is the BEST by leaps and bounds. I don’t think they have ever called me with a problem and not already had a solution. It doesn’t get any easier then this group of people. I’ve recommended them to my family and friends.
– Dave F 12/10/2015

As a property owner that has worked closely with this company for a number of years I was just sitting here contemplating all of the wonderful things I could say about this business especially the people that work there. If integrity, efficiency, reliability and trust are important characteristics to you when dealing with others you would be doing yourself a huge favor by working with this organization.
– Lawrence L 12/9/2015

I’ve been using their services for a few years now and I am very impressed with the way they do business. They are responsive when I contact them and have gone above and beyond to help me with certain problems associated with being an out of town owner. Highly recommend!
– Lynn S 12/09/2015

Sage Property has managed my four rental properties since 2009. Their turn around times renting to new tenants when a property is vacated has been shorter than I had expected. Andrea and Kelly are always available to answer any questions I might have and are extremely professional and knowledgeable regarding the rental property in Greater Phoenix. I highly recommend Sage to tenants and landlords.
– Delores M 12/09/2015

I was recommended to Sage by my realtor. Sage did an excellent job of evaluating the market for my property and had it rented within a couple days of advertising. I was really impressed how they helped us prepare the property for viewing by arranging a service to clean, paint and make small fixes for a very reasonable fee! The tenant they found has been excellent, and I haven’t had to be involved even in minor issues that have arisen, they take care of everything! I simply look in my account every month and the rent (less reasonable deductions) is there along with a statement I can provide to my accountant at the end of the year. Sage Property Management is a company I would recommend to a friend.
– Warren B, 12/08/2015

I have been using their services for over 5 years and have been completely satisfied. The management team has handled every issue that has come up and have always gone the extra mile to make everyone happy. They can also offer excellent advice on property maintenance and upgrades to keep everything running smoothly. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who asks.
– Neil F 12/7/2015

We have been tenants with Sage Property Management & Sales now for two years. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about them! The property itself is beautiful and the rent is reasonable. The few times a maintenance issue has come up we have simply typed in a request on the online portal. Usually within a half hour we receive a call from the appropriate maintenance companies to schedule a time to fix the issues. Having Sage Property make the initial calls to the companies is a huge help and time saver. We have never had a property management group follow through with requests so quickly! The staff is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions that we might have. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new home!
Ann and Chris
– Ann T 12/02/2015

I had such a great experience with this company. They were always responsive and prompt to any requests or issues with the property I was renting for over 3 years. They were also very accommodating of my schedule if they needed access to the property.
– Ayensa M, 12/2015

They were fabulous as my management company. They acted immediately when I had any maintenance issues and were always professional! Great people and were always pleasant to deal with as well! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. You won’t be disappointed!!! 🙂
– Shantel D, 01/2016

I currently lease a place through Sage and they are super easy to work with, in terms of signing the lease and getting keys at move-in, to paying rent through their site. Best thing I can say is the two times I’ve had a maintenance request it’s been super easy. Submit a request on their site, and the next day someone will call to schedule time to come by.
– Zac K, 1/12/2017